As mentioned in prior, applying for a doorstep loan has several advantages for all customers. The option to opt out of using a credit card and no credit rating check, allows individuals including those on benefits and with less-than-perfect credit to still apply and find the perfect loan for them. Below is a list of some of the other benefits doorstep loans provides consumers:

  1. All requests are viewed as individuals, meaning we can search online and find the best deal for you
  2. Loan requests can be for as little as £100.00 
  3. Option to either source loan via our online platform or speak face-to-face with one of our experienced representatives, allowing you to express any queries or concerns before committing 
  4. Local representative may come to your home to issue the loan, and return over an agreed time span to collect repayments. So there is no pressure to deposit a lump sum
  5. No bank account required for cash loans
  6. No-charge service
  7. No obligations
  8. No paperwork

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